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Stefanie Wilder-Taylor back for more 'Parental Discretion' on NickMom

Comedian and author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is the host of NickMom's 'Parental Discretion With Stefanie Wilder-Taylor.'

There's no shortage of people giving parenting advice these days, but none of them are as funny - and straightforward - as Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, host of NickMom's Parental Discretion With Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. BFTV connected with Stefanie recently to chat about the new season of the show and how she delivers a point of view that all parents ought to listen to.

The second season of her show contains "lots of parenting being made fun of. That's what I'm all about," she told us. "It's not for people who are too precious about parenting. Parenting is not just one big Hallmark moment. There's a lot of nitty-gritty. There's a lot of tears, and that's just from me!"

There are also moments where Stefanie isn't afraid to go out on a limb herself. "I have a field piece in one of the shows where I went and played football with the California Quakes [women's professional football team]," she added. "So I actually learned how to tackle and catch the ball, throw the ball."

Of course, we couldn't chat with her without talking about some of her pet peeves of parenting. "It really bugs me when people give their babies such a big personality," Stefanie said. "Like these women who put their babies on their voicemail. They don't need to have a Twitter account. They don't need to be on Facebook."

What else drives her crazy? "Overscheduling. That's a big one," she continued. "You can't ever make plans with somebody because your kid's taking violin or Mandarin. It's like, enough already. Can't we just let our kids be kids and play outside a little bit?"

Stefanie's brought her straight-shooting yet tasteful sense of humor to a variety of platforms. In addition to hosting Parental Discretion, she's also the author of multiple books (the most recent being 2011's I'm Kind Of A Big Deal), has a blog on parenting and lifestyle website, and then there's her podcasting. "I do a podcast with Adam Carolla's wife, Lynette Carolla," she told us. "She and I do a podcast called For Crying Out Loud. I do that every week." You can find Stefanie, Lynette and a plethora of celebrity guests on iTunes.

Hosting a TV show, writing books, doing a podcast, and being a parent and spouse - Stefanie has plenty to talk about, and plenty of ways to make us laugh. Whether it's on TV or online, make sure you check her out, and take some time of your own to laugh at the funny things that come with parenthood.

Parental Discretion With Stefanie Wilder-Taylor airs Fridays on NickMom (check your local listings for specific channel and airtime). For more on Stefanie, visit her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@swildertaylor).

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