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Stefanie: The cozy alternative to sweatpants

I love how Stefanie is ready to trek through the snow in her snow boots while also looking fashionably cozy with leggings and a dress. She has a chill, comfy, relaxed sense of style; soft yet sophisticated.

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“The main thing about this outfit is that it's comfortable. I could easily take a nap in it,” Stefanie says.

When most people think comfort, they think sweatpants or jeans. But sweatpants and jeans aren’t the only comfy way to go! A loose dress with leggings and an over sized sweater is just as comfortable. “[This outfit] was just something comfortable to wear that day instead of a t-shirt and jeans,” Stefanie explains.

When shopping, remember to look for pieces that match the clothes you already have. “I usually buy neutral color clothing so that I can mix and match as much as I want. I don't think it's necessary to match all the time,” explains Stefanie.

Can’t afford to buy new clothing? Look through your closet, mix and match. Wear pieces that you’ve never worn together before. Like Stefanie said, it’s not necessary to match all the time. So be creative and try new things. There’s no need to buy more when you already have plenty to work with.

“I like thinking of different ways to wear each article since I can't really afford to buy new clothing. That's why I typically buy clothes that don't have patterns or bright colors so everything goes well together. I do however buy a lot of scarves and accessories with patterns,” says Stefanie.

Accessories can be the make or break factor for an outfit. If you have a lot of neutral colored clothing, go for the bright scarves, flashy jewelry and unique shoes. Sometimes it’s the smallest pieces that make an outfit “pop.” Stefanie’s big, chunky ring, for example, adds a little glam to her comfy look.

If you want an alternative comfy outfit aside from the sweatpants, opt for a simple dress with light accessories. Wearing light colors creates a calm, relaxed environment around you. Softly sophisticated while classically cozy.

Earrings: Target
Gray Sweater: Forever 21
Blue Dress: Forever 21
Black leggings: Target
Gray Socks: Wal-Mart
Brown Belt: Goodwill
Boots: Gift from her Grandmother
Ring: H&M



  • Skyee 4 years ago

    Love that dress and belt!

  • Amy 4 years ago

    I like how she's wearing socks ontop of her leggings. Tall socks & good shoes seem to be in this year (including heels).

  • SpellingNazi 4 years ago

    Make sure you have the name of the person you are interviewing spelled right. Stefanie would probably appreciate it, as well as your readers.

  • Sarah Brown 4 years ago

    Thank you! I knew that was how she spelled it, but when I wrote this article it completely slipped my mind. Thank you for telling me! Much appreciated.
    It's fixed now.

    Indianapolis Fashion Photography Examiner

  • G 4 years ago

    Good idea



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