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Steenkamp supporter tells Oscar Pistorius: I want to 'pillion you to prison'

Caroline Trummer wants to "pillion" Oscar Pistorius to prison on her Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Caroline Trummer wants to "pillion" Oscar Pistorius to prison on her Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Photo by Charlie Shoemaker/Getty Images

With her Harley Davidson perched nearby and sporting a sign that leaves little doubt as to what she would do to Oscar Pistorius given half the chance, Caroline Trummer appeared yet again outside his murder trial at the North Gauteng High Court in South Africa on June 30, according to the Daily News.

One blonde vows to see that Oscar Pistorius pays for his crime by showing up at his murder trial with her signs for justice.
Photo by Charlie Shoemaker/Getty Images

Trummer is a Reeva Steenkamp supporter, although there is no evidence to support that she personally knows the family or has any family ties to them or the victim of the Valentine's Day shooting death. Instead, the German-speaking blonde appears to be a female motivated in seeing that justice is served. And she's using her physical similarities to the victim--at least in regards to hair color and slender figure--as well as her motorcycle in order to draw attention to her position.

Let me be your legs while I pillion you to prison!" her Harley Davidson motorcycle sign blares.

The term "pillion" simply means an extra seat for a second rider on a motorcycle, according to Merriam-Webster. And Caroline Trummer wants to give hers to the Paralympian she believes is responsible for the murder of the model Reeva Steenkamp. But she only wants to give it to the double amputee if it means a trip to prison, as she is no fan of his.

But given the high court's recent displeasure with the loss of evidence in the case by the police (namely the electronic cord from the crime scene, according to The Telegraph on June 30), Oscar's fate may not include a trip to prison for 35 years. So the biker blonde greeting him as he returns to court this week may be expending her energies for naught.

As day 35 of the high profile murder trial began, it appeared the defendant was once again exhibiting an anxiety about his future and the position Judge Thokozile Masipa will eventually take when deciding it. It was revealed that the former boyfriend of Steenkamp was not mentally ill, and that he would not be able to claim a diminished capacity in his defense for shooting and killing his girlfriend, according to a report on Monday from The Week.

And that merely served to give rise to more verbiage on posters about the case from the blonde stationed outside North Gauteng High Court. Caroline Trummer reminded Oscar Pistorius on Monday that "ignoring your conscience [will lead to] anxiety." And she wants Reeva Steenkamp to "R.I.P." after being shot to death, so she will continue to be a presence at the trial, giving the defendant something to think about as he passes her each day.