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Steel Panther brings fans back to 80's rock with a modern twist

Steel Panther in Orlando-slide0
Chris Zambello

Disney is famous for creating magic, sometimes bringing people back to the past. Tonight was no different. I was instantly brought back to 1985: an era where spandex, long hair, headbands and hair bands ruled the airwaves.

Steel Panther in Orlando
Chris Zambello

As I approached the House of Blues venue in Orlando, it was if I stepped back in time. Fans were lining up in their nostalgic 80's attire to catch Steel Panther, a modern 80's style rock band that's notorious for entertaining fans with their classic, albeit raunchy show.

Taking the stage first was Future Villains, a Los Angeles-based five-man group who also emulates the 80's genre. Mullets were flying back and forth as the enthusiastic crowd enjoyed their set. Performing a number of tracks off their album. .....there was no doubt they left a lasting impression that will pay huge dividends in the near future. Their cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” was spot on. Not many bands can cover Purple, but they certainly did! If you closed your eyes, you'd swear Ian Gillan made a cameo appearance.

Then it was Steel Panther's turn. A toss-up between Dokken and Poison, it's clear where their influences came from. Starting with their hit, "Pussywhipped"off their latest album, All You Can Eat, they gave the fans exactly what they paid their hard-earned money for: a highly entertaining rock show! Make no mistake, these boys can play like it's nobody's business, but that's only half the show. They are all some of the funniest comedians to ever take the stage. Word of warning; this is not a rated-G show; far from it. For those of you who are easily offended or yell "earmuffs" at the slightest thought of a not-so-proper word, it's best to leave your dignity at home.

For over 90 minutes, smiles were abound, laughs were contagious, and flashes of bare-breasted women enveloped the audience. The show came to a climax with over 20 female audience members taking to the stage through a three-song melody, each demonstrating their...abilities as the band played some of their more recent hits, including their famous “Gloryhole”.

Steel Panther continues their tour throughout North America before hitting Europe this summer so be sure to check out their website for dates and cities. They are without a doubt one of the most entertaining bands you will see live on stage, so don’t miss out!

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