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Steampunk culture comes alive at AnomalyCon 2014

Steampunk enthusiasts young and old celebrated a fun-filled weekend away from reality at the annual AnomalyCon this past weekend Mar 28-30, 2014. No stranger to sci-fi conventions such as StarFest and NDK, the Denver Marriott Tech Center played host to this fabulous event. This weekend included some of the most amazing cosplay, a packed house costume contest, artists meet and greets, musicians, vendors, and even an appearance by a Doctor Who or two. Right in the center of the atrium was this magnificent organ built by a Steampunk enthusiast who happens to be an engineer by day. Many of the pieces of it were over 100 years old, and much of it was powered by air flow.

Steampunk culture comes alive at AnomalyCon 2014
Colleen Bement

For those unfamiliar with the Steampunk sensation, the best way to describe it is a Victorian Sci-Fi “what if.” What if we lived in a world where steam technology was the norm? This culture is based on movies such as Will Smith’s Wild, Wild West, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Costumes and creations are inspired by an alternate universe 19th century style of the British Victorian era or American Wild West. Bruce Boxleitner's much anticipated TV series in the works called Lantern City is proof that the Steampunk genre is only gaining steam.