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Steam Machines

Everybody knows that gaming PCs pack the ultimate gaming punch. They simply have the video memory and graphics chips that consoles lack. However, that power can sometimes be problematic. PCs can be bulky, loud, and also tend to get hot. But now, with Steam Machines you can get PC gaming from the body of a console.

Basically, a Steam Machine is a new breed of computer that delivers games to your computer the way Roku delivers movies. These computers run the SteamOS--an interface that turns video game browsing into movie shopping on Netflix. These machines have top of the line graphics chips and run efficiently enough to stay cool. By comparison, a console like the PS4, would be running a chip about a year or two behind a Steam Machine.

The problem is though is the limited gaming library. Right now, 400 of the 2,900 titles that Steam owns licensing for will play on the SteamOS--a consequence of its underlying Linux code. There is hope though. Crytek, creators of the popular series Crysis, will include full Linux support and it seems other companies will follow suit.

Could this finally be the end of console gaming? Not likely. But it still shows that companies are still aiming to take down the giants of the gaming business.

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