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Steam in-home beta invites heading out; Valve nixes touchpad on Steam Controller

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Valve has sent out the invitations for Steam users who signed up to test the in-home streaming, according to a report today from GameSpot.

The invitations, according to a beta status update thread on the Steam Community website, were to be sent out to development partners only with the intention of adding “more and more people to the beta.”

However, Steam users have taken to Twitter and the community page itself to share their early opinions on the streaming beta, according to the report.

According to another post to the community site, Valve urged Steam users to update drivers from their video card vendor’s website if they have been experiencing graphical glitches or black screens with the beta.

Additionally, according to a separate report from GameSpot, Valve has changed up the Steam Controller a bit with the notion of virtual reality in mind.

The controller had featured a touchpad, but has been redesigned to feature four physical buttons instead.

According to the Steam Database blog, Valve is “keeping VR in mind while developing the controller,” which will be powered by AA batteries.