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Steam Controller redux first look shows Xbox influences

The Steam controller has been redesigned to be that much friendlier to gamers and the new look has some heavy and obvious influences from the Xbox. The new design popped up on the web on Saturday and has tongues wagging.

Steam controller looks like Xbox

While Steam’s controller might look like others we’ve seen on the market, it has enough of a new appearance that critics are generally behind the concept. Steam has won most over with its combination of touch-based pads along with buttons that can be used by the uninitiated. got a hands on look at Valve’s Steam controller and decided that it was quite well made, especially compared to its first build which relied to heavily on touch.

Steam still has the standard ABXY buttons in the same layout and colors just like Xbox controllers we all know so well. This device also has a D-pad layout though the D-pad on Steam’s contraption is actually four buttons in the same kind of design as the ABXY buttons.

As Forbes points out, the D-pad stopped being the way gamers moved their characters a while ago, and Steam seems to have made the layout more of an official move with its controller.

The real question for Valve now is whether or not this controller will draw people in. Steam players have long been used to using a mouse and keyboard to move their characters in various games. Suddenly making the switch to something that looks like an Xbox controller could be something the die-hards fight against.

There is also a question whether this will be enough to lure in those who are console gamers to a Steam Machine or the Amazon Box. When it comes to the hard-core players, they tend to have their favorite format and they aren’t likely to stray.

It remains to be seen whether the Steam controller can really become a competitor but at least Valve is giving it the old college try.

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