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Stealing armor

Stolen Armor
Jaye Travis Brooks Sr

Anyone on Facebook that is in medieval groups will have surely seen the posts of peoples armor getting stolen. This is yet another example, and it seems to be on the rise.

Be wary if you find armor on Craigslist or Ebay of armor for sale for cheap and the seller has no idea of what it is that he or she is selling. While all of it cannot be verified, it may not hurt to keep an eye on these groups, such as and various SCA groups such as or the ren faires in that particular area of the seller.

This particular armor was stolen at the Hilton Santa Clara on February 7th from a Battle of the Nations knight. If you see this armor posted for sale anywhere, please contact

To those that are thinking of stealing armor, just remember, the people you are stealing from have swords, axes, and various other weapons... Just saying...

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