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Steal Vanessa Williams Beauty Tips

Clear Eyes
Clear Eyes

Among Vanessa Williams’ beautiful and outstanding features are her gorgeous blue eyes. As an actress, singer and mom, working the exhaustive hours that she does she has little secrets that she uses to help her look her best even after a 14 hour day.

So how does a Diva of the day get that just stepped out of the beauty chair look all the time?

Here are some of her tried and true go tos that can give us all picture perfect eyes for our next ultra-glam selfie.

Beige eyeliner can be your best buddy if you missed out on getting your much needed 8 hours of sleep. It can add brightness instantly when applied to the inner ring of your eyes. Choose one that contains a hint of pink, so that you will add warmth instead of looking washed out.

Running late and not able to go through your entire routine? No need to stress it. Just think mascara and gloss. Apply 2-3 coats of jet black eyeliner (dark brown if you have blond lashes). Swipe your favorite gloss; something with a lot of pigment and dynamic color and off you are off to conquer your day.

Now even Vanessa gets red eyes from spending hours on stage under bright lights, reading scripts, and traveling on airplanes – all which can cause stress and eye irritation! Although you may not have to deal with press and camera flashes to avoid the dreaded red eye syndrome, she always turns to Clear Eyes eye drops, it works pretty instantly.