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STD cases on the rise still remain a major health challenge

Are current efforts failing?

STDs remain a major health concern and a hardship for persons with a STDs. Now online dating sites are geared to people with sexually transmitted diseases
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STDs remain a significant health challenge facing the United States, according to the CDC. The CDC estimates there almost 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases every year, with half of those cases occurring in young people between the ages of 15 to 24. Each of these infections is a potential threat to an individual’s immediate and long-term health and well being.

Even though STDs are widespread, many people do not know they have STD due to the fact most STDs can cause no noticeable symptoms and can only be diagnosed through testing. Even if you have no symptoms you are still at risk of passing the infection to sex partners.

STDs such as Chlamydia in the early stages have few or no signs and symptoms. Even though Gonorrhea symptoms appear within two to ten days after being exposed, some people may not have signs or symptoms of being infected for months.

If you that your primary care physician will test you for STDs you could be wrong. Most general practitioners will not test for STDs because many types can be asymptomatic.

If you have had unprotected sex, have a new partner or more than one partner or you are worried for any reason about an STD you should be tested.

Unfortunately a person may have a STD and are too ashamed and embarrassed to tell you about. Persons with STDs are stigmatized in many cultures such as Africa. A 2009, study in Cape Town. South Africa found HIV‐related stigma and discrimination are associated with not disclosing HIV status to sex partners, and non‐disclosure is closely associated with HIV transmission risk behaviors.

The National Association of County and City Officials (NACCHO) note that discrimination against people living with communicable diseases has been widely documented and is a continuing problem. “Ending stigma and discrimination faced by people living with communicable diseases is an important step.”

Dr. Lisa Oldson M.D., Medical Director of Analyte Health, related to She Knows, "Because dating with an STD requires disclosure, and because disclosure isn't easy, most people find themselves waiting longer to have sex with a new partner. That's OK. I'm pleased to say that what I hear from my patients is that the STD is rarely a deal breaker when someone has been dating and things are moving toward sex.”

Let’s face it, America is full of stigmas from racial to mental illness, obesity, HIV and AIDs and other STDs. Just because you may be obese of different race or even have a STD it should not mean you’re less of a human being. Just because you may an incurable STD such as HPV does not mean you cannot date, fall in love or even marry.

We all are aware dating sites and their niches; some are for Christians and others for Farmers. However, using are regular dating site is not really a good option for those with STDs and even people who do not have a STD.

Regular dating sites and STDS is if the person will disclose they have a STD or if they ever will mention the fact you. Disclosing your medical status is not a major selling point for these sites.

Being older does not always make you wiser. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has more than doubled among middle-aged adults and the elderly over the last decade, but the reasons for this are unclear.

According the CDC, close to 2,550 cases of syphilis were reported among adults between the ages of 45 and 65 in 2010 an increase of around 900 cases in 2000. And the number of reported chlamydia cases in the age group almost tripled, from around 6,700 in 2000 to 19,600 a decade later.

Now there may be a way for men and women not having to worry about have the talk about their condition or being left by the person they cared about due to a STD.

Enter the new dating sites that cater to STDS. On these sites you no longer have to face the stigma or finding someone who understands.

These online dating sites are geared to people with sexually transmitted diseases and are even categorized by the disease type such as HPV, HIV and gonorrhea. More than 110 million men and women in the United States have a sexually transmitted infection.

Just think you can now have an enjoyable dating experience just like everyone else. is an online dating community for singles with a sexual transmitted disease. Here you will find over 1,500 active members who have HPV, HIV, and AIDS, hepatitis, chlamydia or other STDs. No worries if you’re not ready to give a name, here you can create an anonymous profile until you’re ready to go further with someone you have met. No machines here; a real person approves the profiles.

See someone your interest in and want to contact, send them an email or try the sites instant messaging tools. Privacy options and blocking tools are also available, along with statistic information about your profile and your interactions on the dating site.

On the site you will find features such as a Live Dating Advisor to answer your questions whether it is about dating or emotional and psychological issues you will find answers you need.

Need a STD clinic or test or even help? The site has a comprehensive list of care locations in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada Mexico, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

If you need some inspiration look no further, here you can read over 500 inspirational stories from members. You can even run your own blog or forum from the site. The best part is this website is easy use; no long hours need to be spent trying to navigate your way through.

This site is exclusively meant for people with STDs and the company puts forth great effort in make sure members qualify and removing those who do not have a condition.

The site has a detailed privacy policy in which they use IP address to track user demographics and may use public information to enable other users to determine whether they are a match for you and to communicate with you. The site requires all users to prove their age (18 and older).

What do users really say about Positive Singles?

“Great community, very supportive and helpful, definitely recommends.”

“I’d almost given up once my ex gave me herpes but the community here is really good and has helped me a lot. I’ve been on a couple of dates that hasn’t worked out so far but I’ll keep trying. I know there’s someone out there for me.”

Several dating ranking sites have listed Positive Singles as their number one choice and the largest dating site for people with STDs. Just one quick form on your on the way to finding support, hope, friendship, love or companionship. The site provides an anonymous and safe environment for meeting people who are in the same situation.

Visit Positive Singles today for dating, support, friendship and inspiration.

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