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Staying with the workout routine

Bob never stops working out; how do you think he gets all those ladies?
Bob never stops working out; how do you think he gets all those ladies?
Courtesy of Gwadzilla

It seems that throughout the month of March, everything constitutes "March Madness". There are March madness sales at stores and restaurants, March madness parties at bars, and of course the March madness in the NCAA basketball tournament. Well, this fitness article will be bucking that trend, and for the rest of the article you will not see the word "madness" again. Your welcome.

So, now that everyone has drank their beer and eaten their corned beef, it's time to get back to reality. The reality is, that March can be a tough time when it comes to working out. By this time of the year, after all the major holidays, you should be back on track with your workout regiment. Now, what could be the one thing to throw your routine into a tailspin? Warm weather. The thing that so many of us Clevelanders long for during the cold winter months, the sun, could be doing some major damage to the routine you have worked so incredibly hard to build. Here are some tips on how to keep up with your routine:

1. Always exercise on Monday. Many people think of Monday as their least favorite day of the week. A day when going to work and coming home to relax and kick your feet up seems like a stellar plan. However, by exercising on Monday, you will be able to set your psychological pattern for the entire week. A $5 burger from the Tremont TapHouse sounds like a better thing to do on Monday, but your workouts for the rest of the week don't think so.

2. Never skip your exercise routine two days in a row. If you miss one day; no big deal. However, if you miss two, that can usually lead to three or four. You missed working out on Wednesday and your friends are going out to celebrate the third consecutive day of no snow? You should probably pass on that one.

3. As long as you have some kind of daily workout routine, it doesn't always have to be the same. If you just can't stomach the idea of being inside any longer when it is 70 degrees outside, go for a jog. Instead of doing the bench press at the gym, do pull-ups on a hefty tree limb. Many of the same exercises that you can do inside, can be accomplished just as easily outdoors. The fact that you are switching things up, may even take out any of the boredom that was creeping in with your past routines. Also, walking at the zoo or in a scenic park will burn just as many calories as your walks on the treadmill. You may miss the Seinfeld rerun that usually occupies your 30 minute treadmill walk, but wouldn't you rather look at monkeys in the zoo than that crazy Kramer on TV?

4. Don't be afraid to give yourself credit for the small things. If your workout is usually 45 minutes and you cut out after 30 to meet your friends or sit and enjoy the Metroparks; don't sweat it. The sun can be a great healer to the body and the mind, so make sure you get out to enjoy it. However, for the fare skinned people out there, we all know that the sun can giveth and taketh away, so make sure to wear some sun screen. Also, as long as I am giving non-workout advice, as the great Bob Barker said, "don't forget to spay and neuter your pets."


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