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Staying Visible With Reflective Patches

Reflective Patches
Tina Wilbanks

When you get off work late, those evening runs or rides can be an invaluable way to release the stress of a day’s work. With Bat + Bunny reflective patches you go can for those evening runs, even as the sun goes down, knowing you can still be seen with Bat + Bunny patches and tags. They were designed for kids and teens but I have found them to be incredibly useful for adults to increase visibility as well. These light-bearing patches and tags are designed to glow and increase visibility. They can be used on helmets, wallets, bags and backpacks, even on car windows.

Here’s what Bat + Bunny had to say,

“We care about POM for parents and safe paths for Teens. Bat and Bunny's Patches + Tags are designed for busy parents, busy roads, and active kids.”

These patent awarded patches, are geared for Anime and other popular characters so kids and teens will want to use them.

The Designs

Patches present fun designs like, well bats and bunnies. From the “Precious Cargo” awareness sticker to the reflective bicycle tags, your children will be safe with style.

Patches come to life as light hits. You just peel and stick on hard surfaces or even soft apparel. Rear windows of cars are a great place for extra nighttime visibility.

Why bats and bunnies? Bats are creatures of the night with their outstanding vision. Bunnies, well they are protective and gentle creatures.

Investing in the safety and well being of customers, Bat + Bunny the “Cool” reflective tags. Be safe, have fun, and travel peacefully.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Bat + Bunny Reflective Patches for free from Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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