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Staying resolute in the New Year

International CNN co-anchor, Zain Verjee suffers from psoriasis
International CNN co-anchor, Zain Verjee suffers from psoriasis

January is a time of resolutions for millions of people. Developing healthy habits in regards to eating, drinking or exercising is generally one of the most common resolutions made in the new year but also one not necessarily kept. Many people suffer this common affliction of un-kept resolutions. Is there something (more) that can be done to uphold a resolution?

The mind and body are connected so it has been touted that in order to change the body, change the mind. The mind must be resolute and unwavering for any aspiration to be reached.

An touching article was recently published from CNN International anchor Zain VerJee and her struggle against severe psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that causes scaly patches to appear on the skin. Her simple wording resonates with readers who may struggle against any condition, skin or otherwise.

“I have fish-like scales. There are tiny red islands floating on the surface of my skin. They combine to create continents with jagged surfaces. They turn black and start to smell. There is blood and pus.
…I suffer from psoriasis. It's ravaged my body since I was 8. At its worst my plaques look like leprosy. I feel like a leper.”

The pain and suffering reach out from the pages but upon reading more relief sets in as she finally connects her spirit, mind and body. She has visited numerous experts and dermatologists over the years, but one clinic set her on a revealing path. The mind and body must be connected with love as well as fortitude towards each other. She thanks her psoriasis, changes her eating habits and pushes on.

"As was stated to her, ’Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’"

It is a powerful statement and testament to how we act, what we eat and how the mind processes our actions and emotions and relays them to our body. Good luck in the New Year, and stay resolute in your goals, both mentally and physically.

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