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Staying positive in a world surrounded by negativity

Today, this author is going to embark upon a new personal challenge: staying positive in a world surrounded by negativity. For those people who have read any of my previous articles, you will realize that meeting this challenge will be nothing short of a miracle.

In the past, I have usually written about issues to which I am opposed or that seem unfair or make me angry. Writing in this manner has accomplished absolutely nothing other than consuming me with anger. When a person is consumed with anger, there is no room for happiness or pleasure or quiet time or opening one's mind to new things. If a person continues on such an angry path, without taking the time to recognize and enjoy the good things in life, it can lead one on a path to insanity.

Today, I am reclaiming my sanity and would like to share with readers something new I recently learned.

A couple of months ago, a friend told me about a 21-day Meditation Experience by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopkra called 'Finding Your Flow' which was running for free on the Internet for a limited time. Among many things found in personal research, I learned that meditation is one thing that all very successful people have in common so I decided to try this 21-day Meditation Experience.

The first thing I learned is that I lack the discipline to keep up with a 21-day meditation program. I actually missed some of the lessons in spite of the fact that each one was posted on the Internet for five days. (You can tell a lot about a person just from that statement.)

Unfortunately, I cannot go into much detail regarding this meditation program because it is copyrighted but there are CDs available for purchase at the Chopra Meditation Center on the Internet.

Through the friend who told me about the above meditation experience, I learned a new term called 'Namaste' which is considered as a humble greeting straight from your heart and is reciprocated. Spiritual deeper meaning of 'Namaste' is a belief that the life force or the Divinity in me is the same as it is in you, or in all of us.

In Yoga practice when the teacher begins the class with 'Namaste', it is a symbol of gratitude and respect towards the students and teachers of the teacher. The teacher also ends the class with 'Namaste' and the students echo it back.

The following statements best describe the true meaning of the term:

'I honor the spirit in you which is also in me.'

'The light in me sees the light in you.'

'All that is best and highest in me salutes all that is best and highest in you.'

'The spirit in me meets the same spirit in you.'

The above words are simple yet profound, and they hit me like a ton of bricks. How many people in your life could you actually make the above statements to and really mean it? Wouldn't it be AWESOME if we could all incorporate those beliefs and treat each person we encounter with such powerful, peaceful insights?

That is all for today. This author would like to reach out to readers, ask for feedback regarding this article, and ask how do you stay positive in a world surrounded by negativity. Please feel free to share your strategies and secrets of what works for you.