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Staying on top of the fashion heap in Chicago

A creative Spring look for Chicagoans can be red and black
The colors don't matter if the look is unique

Ever feel like you just aren't hitting the nail on the head when you try to look fashionable in Chicagoland? Well, you're not the only one. If you think your entire wardrobe needs beefing up and can't seem to find a fashionable look, take a look at some of the actresses and actors and the way they look. When they don't have someone to help them create just the right wardrobe when they are acting in a movie or on TV, look at the credits to check and see whether there is anyone listed that is assigned the task of wardrobe or costume design, even if it's just for a TV show or movie. If the credits are well done, don't be surprised to find at least one person that helps them with that.

Have you noticed how The Goodwife, created for a Chicagoland setting, shows how striking and expensive clothes can create a remarkable look with a moderately large budget and classic yet innovative fashions. Jewelry can enhance the fashionable clothes and make a stunning yet subtle regional chic and simple ensemble for acting that keeps the look memorable. Their budget for clothes, both for men and women, is achieved by careful shopping and use of designer creations that lend themselves to a high class courtroom and behind the scenes air of professionalism. In so doing this, they are convincing examples of actresses and actors portraying successful attorneys in an amazingly remarkable law firm.

Don't be surprised to find that a professional look for work and play can be created without spending a fortune, and dressing for success doesn't mean redoing your whole wardrobe unless you really need to convert your look from at home casual to dressy business creations, as you can see when contrasting your work in your home office with your downtown Chicago serious and doable chic fashion. Take another look at the TV and movie ensembles created for the Midwest and you'll find manageable yet classy looks.

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