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Staying motivated for winter workouts

It can be challenging to muster up some motivation for Winter Workouts. It is easy to go outside when the weather warms up, especially it's 40 degree Fahrenheit, or warmer in the winter. It can be harder when it is snowing or when the temperature dips down deep into the Polar Vortex. This has been the case lately as we have been experiencing on our minus 25 to 35 degree Fahrenheit days and nights.
It can be harder when your used to walking a dog and it is too cold and dangerous for them to be out in the cold for any significant period of time. It might be better to take a friend or family member other than your four legged friend on those days. It is important to bundle up, keep skin covered and warm under scarfs, jackets, hats, gloves, and boots.
It is important to keep signs and symptoms of Frostbite and Hypothermia in mind when outside working or exercising in the Winter. It can take between 10-30 minutes to exhibit signs of Frostbite when working out in these extreme temperatures along with the Windchill. It is important to watch for hardened, reddened, or White colored skin. If you notice this happening to you or someone else then help get them out of the cold into a warm room or submerse the skin in warm water. Visit the following pages to learn more about Frostbite or Hypothermia.
Music can be a great motivator to help keep you motivated and working out in the cold winter months. Pop in some headphone and cue up your music library on your MP3 Player or phone while walking, jogging, skating, Snowboarding, Skiing, or Snowmobiling. Visualization can be a powerful motivator. Close your eyes for a few minutes, picture yourself either working hard to stay in the great shape your already in, visualize the body you ultimately are working toward, or see yourself climbing into those favorite pair of jeans or that dress that you haven't been able to get into.
It is important to focus on whatever works for you. If you have something thatworks then keep doing that. If you find yourself missing workouts or not motivated then you need to find something to switch the workout up with to keep it interesting and motivating. Above everything else work hard, stay focused, motivated, and good luck in obtaining the results you desire!

Winter Fun
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