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Staying healthy through the holidays

Christmas Yule Log
Christmas Yule Log
Ms.Emily Meeks

Are you setting a goal for failure just because it is the “holiday season”?

Without even being aware, it is easy to automatically assume that you will be too busy to work out and you will over-eat because of all the holiday goodies. With all the family, friends, and socials, you may be thinking it will be impossible to stay in shape, so why bother trying because gaining weight is certain?

It’s as if holiday time is the perfect excuse to overindulge in food and not work out so you have “permission” to gain weight.

This of course sets the stage for January, when many people decide to join a gym or go on a diet. Sadly, most people never make it to bathing suit season, or even to February. When the going gets tough, people quit at the first obstacle. You see, the goal was to join a gym or go on a diet… and once the gym membership was signed and the diet started, the goal was met!

So how do you turn all this insanity around? First of all, holidays do not have to mean you have to deprive yourself of all the fun in order to stay in shape. And just because it is holiday time, you don’t have to be helpless.

Why not set the intention to be in the best shape of your life for the holidays… or set the intention to maintain your current weight. You can improve during this time AND enjoy the fun if you set your intension and desire to do so.

You don’t have to give up the parties and food. The trick is to put your focus on the people and eat responsibly with smart portion sizes and then go right back to your healthy plan. Every meal in December does not have to be out of whack and there is no reason why you can’t train harder, especially knowing you will be attending holiday festivities. You have time for what you make a priority.

Be as passionate about improving your health over the month of December, as you are passionate about the love and joy of the holiday. Set the right goal and take action.


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