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Staying Healthy at Brewfest

Enjoy a Cold Brew at Beerfest

The Bird, beer and fun. Could anything be better? Not at this time of year. This weekend, June 14 and 15 is the 6th Annual Brewfest held at Snowbird. But a slew of recent questions have come up by Salt Lake City health activists about just how healthy is it to have a beer festival?

While any beer in excess will cause health damage, there are some health benefits to having a brewski now and then. According to an article published in the 2008 Journal of American Dietetic Association a glass of beer can actually help your heart. It does this by creating a less sticky environment, thus warding off blood clots.

Having a beer or two, a day can keep your kidneys happy. In the Winter Edition of the 2011 issue of ADA Times, it was stated that beer can help decrease the likelihood of kidney stones. Researchers aren’t sure if this is because of the amount of water in beer, or if it is because it acts as a diuretic. Either way, if you have ever suffered a kidney stone, you know the pain is merciless. It’s wise to prevent stones from ever beginning to form.

Some beer also provides B vitamins, which are vital to keeping your heart healthy and happy. In addition, because this much enjoyed drink is made from barley, it contains a type of soluble fiber that your heart needs to stay happy and healthy. While both light beer and dark ales offer this fiber, it is best to choose a dark beer, as it has about 25% more fiber than light beers.

Still need another reason to attend the Brewfest? Along with beer, there will be barbecued ribs. While this may tip the scales to the other side of healthy, it is all about moderation. And you can always wash the ribs down with a cold brew. For even more fun and entertainment, there will be live music to enjoy all weekend and a spectacular view of the Utah Mountains.

If you are still worried about this adventure not being healthy enough for your lifestyle, grab your hiking shoes and hike the trails around Snowbird, before drinking of course. Grab your tennis shoes and pedometer and see how many steps you can take while you are at the event. Or take your bike and ride the mountain trials that Snowbird provides. There are many ways for health-buffs to enjoy the Brewfest. Think of it as a once a year trek up the canyon.

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