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Staying fit over spring break

college  students having a good time on the beach
college students having a good time on the beach

Many students (and others, of course) decide to let loose on spring break.  If you have been attending classes, studying late into the night, or simply working overtime, spring break is an opportunity for you to step outside of your routine and enjoy a little freedom.

If you take this freedom too far, though, it could have its consequences on that fit-and-tone body you've been working on all year.  Here are some tips:

Drink plenty of water

Our bodies are composed mostly of water, and water is perhaps the most important thing we can consume.  Drinking around a gallon of water a day helps detoxify the body, and it also burns extra calories.  

While out on your trip, drink a glass or two of water before going to the bar, and have a glass or two after you get back.  This will prevent you from becoming dehydrated, in addition to making the hangover the next day a little more bearable.

Watch what you eat and drink

Keep an eye on your carbohydrate intake throughout your vacation.  If you are in Cancun eating fajitas, avoid eating 5 or 6 tortillas in one sitting; rather, eat 2 or 3, and then snack on the fajita meat itself.  In this way, you are still enjoying those foods that you like, but are preventing the combination of sugary alcoholic drinks, beer, and other bad carbohydrates from reaching a completely unacceptable level.

You can also opt for lower-carb beers, such as Miller Lite, Bud Select, or Michelob Ultra.  They still contain a lot of empty calories, but the overall impact on your body will be much more manageable.


There are several ways you can stay physically active while on spring break.

Every morning, before you eat breakfast, go for a light jog or a walk.  The idea is to perform some lower-intensity cardio while your blood sugar is low.  You want to exert yourself just enough to sweat, but not to the point of losing your breath.  Jog or walk for 30-40 minutes.  

You can also do several varieties of pushups and situps, and this will help keep your muscles active, even while you are taking it easy.  Perform 3-5 sets of an exercise at 10-15 reps, and do 5-10 exercise movements overall.

Most importantly, though, enjoy yourself.  Life is not worth living if you are not having fun.


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