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Staying fit in a New Relationship DYEL(do you even lift)

Fit Couples
Fit Couples
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Being the healthy person in a new relationship can be complicated. The late night romantic dinners that you object to. The glasses of wine that you decline. The one night a week that you agree to increase your carb intake as long as you can eat it before 10 pm to avoid storing all the calories. Let's face it, you made it pass the honey moon stage where you originally agreed to all those things and now you're convinced that the only way you get your life back is to ditch your new love interest.

Remember ultimately the decision is yours and sharing your time and your life with someone will cause for constant compromise. There will be more late meals than you like and more special occasions however, its your body and its only you living in it so you must be good to yourself first. So lets look at your options .

Option Number 1. You can decide that that person just isn't for you and scrap that relationship at the door. If you're a Cross-fit Girl this might be the right approach for you. Now I'm not saying relationships can't work with guys that don't workout out but the culture of CrossFit versus the rest of the sedentary population is one of two extremes. CrossFit is a way of life there's Paleo Diets , Olympic Lifting Competitions, Twitting and Instagraming about CrossFit, the WOD, becoming CrossFit Certified, building your on assisted dip bars out of PVC pipe so you can practice your hand stand push-ups , having white chalk everywhere , your obsession Rich Froning , more Instagraming , learning how to do muscle ups and lets face it feeling pretty freaking bad ass about your success. If you are willing to put your body through the grueling demands of the WOD on a religious basis its not long until you are trying to push your lifestyle on your new companion as well . So as a precaution, before any resentment develops express the value you place on health and fitness at the very beginning of the relationship. This way your partner knows that ultimately he will have to make a decision to jump on board the health train or look for someone else to get serious with.

Option Number 2 Learning how to prioritize and plan around your new relationship. How do you make time for your fitness priorities and see where your relationship is going? Sure ending it before it even starts is definitely an option but you're no quitter . Of course you'd like a Barbie and Ken relationship but you're smitten and your new boo is more of a casual gym goer . There is a lot of allure in being his beauty and him being your beast but a lot of guys are more brainy or more comedic than beast. So plan your meals ahead .If you know you plan on staying the night at his place pack your food for work or for the weekend and make sure he has room for it in his fridge . Like I said there maybe some deviations but ultimately its your body don't let those blue eyes break your discipline. If he gets weird about keeping food at his place LISTEN UP he's probably not worth it.

Either way do what's best for you. Finding someone who is inspired enough by your lifestyle that they decide to change on their own or someone who shares your passion about fitness would be idea. Having each other as a support system is invaluable but your are strong enough to fight the fit fight alone just be prepared for the temptations that you'll be up against.

Keep It Fit and Sexy.

Marcel LA

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