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Staying cool during hot weather

Staying cool in the summer.
Staying cool in the summer.

We have already seen record high temperatures in Indiana and there is no sign of stopping. As summer progresses, we could expect more of the same. Stay cool and safe this summer with these tips:

  • Water- Ok so it’s common sense to say “Drink more water” but you would be surprised how many people take the importance of staying hydrated in high heat for granted. Iced tea and other low sugar cold drinks are good but good ‘ol plain water is always the best. And remember to sip water consistently over gulping large quantities at a time.
  • Cold compress- Laying a cold compress against the back of the neck helps to you’re your core body temp down and can help with over heating especially during physical activity. Something as simple as a wet towel placed in the freezer or go all out with a neck cooler of Frog Tog Cooling Towel.
  • Shade and spritz- so you may not want the cheesy fan spritzer but staying cool in the shade and misting with water really help to keep from over heating. If you spend large amounts of time in the sun, make sure to have access to shade and take frequent breaks.
  • Take frequent breaks- Don’t try to overdue and risk heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke. During times of intense heat and sun our body temperature will be higher and our body will have to work harder to stay cool. Do your body a favor and give it time to rest. The weeds will still be there!
  • Take the Army way- Maybe you don’t want to do more by 5 am but it is a good idea to do outside work in the early morning or late evening when the sun is lower in the sky and temps are cooler.
  • Clothing counts- Tube tops are back in but I don’t recommend them for everyone. The best type of clothing for hot weather is loose, breathable and light colored.
  • Avoid the heavy stuff- When it’s hot, you are less likely to crave heavy carb rich foods for good reason. Your body is better able to tolerate light fresh food when you are hot like salads, fruits, frozen fruits and juices, cucumbers and celery. Also alcohol will dehydrate you faster. If you are at a party or at the track, try to drink I glass of water for every beer or mixed drink to avoid a serious heat induced hangover!
  • Hose bath anyone?- Staying near bodies of water like a lake or pool will feel cooler than the sidelines of the baseball field. When no water is available stay cool with sprinklers, water balloon fights and the trash bag slip and slide. Hey admit it, you've tried it. Oooh grass burns!

While staying cool in the heat is common sense, by nature we tend to get distracted, want to over do and think we are super heroes at times. Play it cool this summer and enjoy good times with your family and friends. If you have pictures showing how you stay cool in the heat, pass them along!


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