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Staying connected when technology fails


What are the primary sources of contact in your daily life? Email? Text? Facebook? All of these means of communication have taken over the old-fashioned face-to-face conversation as well as the generalized phone call. These technological advances have kept us updated to the point of ridiculousness through Twitter, but have also jeopardized the intimacy of a conversation, which lead to miscommunication in relationships.

When pursuing a potential date on a dating site, we rely on email or texts to set up dates or further the connection. When technology fails us, however, we’re immediately whisked into miscommunication. We question if the person is interested based on a message we never notice failed to send and wonder if we should continue to type to this person to save pride and embarrassment.

It’s always a good idea to keep certain things private when meeting a new person. Don’t immediately share every networking site you reside on and try not to reveal last names until a stronger bond is formed. Giving up every means of communication appears desperate and makes you vulnerable to stalkers. Make the site you met on your primary source of communication. When you feel comfortable enough to reveal more, only share one site at a time to prevent complete bombardment if you decide you’re not interested.

Once you’ve reached a point of mutual interest in this person, you may have already passed on a phone number. As long as you have at least two forms of contact, miscommunication should not be a problem. Technology, in the meantime, will fail us when we least expect it.

If you feel as though this person is worthy of your trust, yet an immediate response was not received, do not wait to make a point of it. Never “yell” at the person as though he or she is avoiding you on purpose. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Send an email asking if they had received your previous email and ask up front if they’re still interested. Avoiding the topic altogether will lead to a missed opportunity or insanity based on one wondering if they’re good enough. If they don’t respond, you are safe to assume they’re not interested and you can move on with your search.