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Staying Charged While On the Go

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Powermonkey Extreme Portable Solar Charger

Trying to keep one's electronic gear charged while on the go can be quite tricky. Here are a few portable chargers that can come to the rescue for those times when an AC outlet is nowhere to be found.

Powermonkey Extreme Portable Solar Charger
This device is ideal for those who want to go off the grid while remain connected. A wide variety of tips enables one to use this device to charge most digital cameras, iPads, iPhones, android smart phones, GPS devices, e-readers and more. As this device is water proof for 30 minutes up to 1 metre and shock resistant with a rugged clam shell exterior, it's the perfect device to take on board a boat or along for a hike without fear of damaging the device. This charger can be recharged using an international mains charger, USB and solar panel. While the operational instructions are a bit unclear, thanks to excellent customer service users can get answers to any questions regarding the use of this device.

offGRID™Portable Backup Battery 6000mAh (Dual Port)
This lightweight (5.4 oz) ultra thin battery packs easily into a purse or backpack to charge two tablets, smart phones or other USB devices simultaneously. A micro USB cable is included to recharge this battery.

The portable ZAGGsparq is available in 10,000 mAh and 6,000 mAh capacities with two charging ports via micro USB that allow for quick recharging of smartphones and tablets. Also, this device has a built in AC prongs so one can plug this device directly into an AC outlet, thus eliminating the need for a separate cable to recharge this device.

Powerocks Flash Magicstick
For emergency charging on the go, this lipstick shaped device offers 3000mAh of portable power that doubles battery life for many smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. An included USB cable allows one to re-charge this device through a USB port.

The Kanex® GoPower Pack™
This universal portable battery pack has 2 universal USB ports, thus enabling one to charge two smartphones or tablets simultaneously. The GoPower Pack 6,000 mAh delivers up to 2 full charges to an iPhone 5c/5s while the Kanex GoPower Pack 11,000 mAh delivers up to 4 full charges. Included in this pack is a built-in slide-out stand so one can watch video on a smart phone and LED indicators to monitor power levels.

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