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Staying Busy as a Milspouse

Here's the thing:

If you are a military spouse (often called a milspouse), there will be plenty of times when you and the rest of the family has to hurry up and wait. When your spouse or loved one joins the military, they are doing a noble, respectable thing, but it can impact your life more than you would ever imagine.

First, it is important to get used to going with the flow. Orders can change in an instant, your loved one can be sent on assignment across the country or even deployed. In the military, there are no guaranteed set hours for work, which means you might also have to get used to strange work hours when your spouse is coming and going.

So figure out what keeps you happy. For many milspouses, it's staying busy. Find an activity or a hobby that you enjoy. If you like cooking, this is a great chance for you to take a few extra cooking classes. If you love to knit, seek out other knitters in the community. But first, identify some of your passions and get ready to embrace them.

Then, find a community to support you. If you're a milspouse, congratulations! You are most likely in one of the more supportive communities in the country. There are plenty of men and women dealing with exactly what you are dealing with, which means they may also be looking for hobbies or passions like you are.

Some milspouses take this time to further their education. There are plenty of college programs (in person and online from a reputable school) out there, so each person can find the program that tailors to their education goals and the next step to reach those goals. Online schools are a great way to get back into learning without having to worry about a transfer or a change in location, which is very common in the military!

Above all, remember that you are an important part of your family and of your home. While your military spouse may be in a career that can be more spontaneous, forcing many milspouses to learn to go with the flow, there are plenty of opportunities for each person in the family to further their dreams, passions or embrace a new skill.

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