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Stay warm with homemade hand warmers

As the temperatures drop, it's increasingly difficult to keep your extremities comfortably warm. If you're outside for a long stretch of time and want to avoid that bitter numbness in your fingers, heat up a few of your homemade hand warmers and toss them in your gloves before heading outside.

This project is a great opportunity to reuse old fabric from unwanted or damaged clothing. Cut two identical squares of your chosen fabric measuring approximately two inches both directions. Lay the fabric squares on top of each other with the decorative side facing out, if applicable. Stitch the pieces together along three of the four edges using a blanket stitch. Use a subtle thread color that blends with your fabric or bright, contrasting thread for a fun option. Open the pouch that you've created and pour rice into the opening until the pouch is mostly filled. Blanket stitch the last side of the square. To use your hand warmers, microwave them for about two minutes or until hot.

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