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Stay tuned for 'The Natural Order Of Things'

album cover for "The Natural Order of Things" by Two Harbors
Two Harbors

Hipsters always strive to nonchalantly be aware of the next big thing, especially music perceived to be underground. Bostonians are not immune to that charm. So what's an album to anticipate? Two Harbors will be releasing “The Natural Order Of Things” on May 11, 2014. What should you expect? The vocalist, Chris Pavlich, says “People like to put labels on everything, and everything is derivative of something. There’s no way to avoid the comparisons, so it doesn’t bother me. People know what they like and what they don’t, so if you like The Beatles, The Who, and The Verve, we’ll get along just fine.”

The album varies from heavier hooks to music you can sway to, but it's all cohesive with lyrics pertaining to relationships. It starts strong with the anchor song “There Is Love” with catchy phrases like “there's a hole in my heart, but there's love inside me.” The rest of the tracks are just as thoughtful. You will not be disappointed. We listened to this album about 10 times already and can't stop playing it over and over.

Fun fact? Two Harbors made this album exclusively available for their locals in St. Paul, MN on Record Store Day. Take note, Record Store Day is a national day for music to thrive. For more information about the band, be sure to check out their website here. You can also like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. “There Is Love” is available to preview on Soundcloud.

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