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Stay stress free when working at home

Things to keep the stress down and productivity up:

Have a dedicated home office or work space with less distractions you will be more productive.

Make a schedule and follow it to help avoid any distractions.

On a calendar make a list of priorities for each day of the week then follow.

If you like fish you can buy a 5 to 10 gallon fish tank with a nice filter system (this size is less work to clean especially with a good filter) put a few compatible fish in and before you know it you’ll be relaxing by just watching the fish swim and the water bubble.

Listening to music makes most people happier, if it’s the right kind of music. Turn on light relaxing background music without words and not too loud to help you stay calm, if you are listening to words you might tend to sing along bringing your productivity spiraling down or even to a halt.

Work for a few hours then get up take a walk around your house to the mailbox and back or do a few jumping jacks and get your circulation flowing and this helps to keep yourself mentally alert and physically healthy.

Keep lemons or lemon scent freshener on your desk to help with mental exhaustion and alertness. Lemons are also packed with vitamins and minerals and drinking fresh lemon juice with water daily will help with weight loss and cleansing your liver.

If you still have small children at home you may need to install baby monitors and cameras around the house then set up a video monitor on your desk to watch the children, this will help with worrying about what they might be doing and having to get up every few minutes to check on them.

But if they get out of the line of site you better see what they are doing, most times when children are quite and not asleep they are up to something.

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