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Stay Slim With Out The Gym

Cars parked in a supermarket parking.
Cars parked in a supermarket parking.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Have you made another New Year’s resolution: promising to lose weight and trim down that waistline? I am certain that is one of the many promises you have made to yourself, in front your loved ones and maybe to a handful of friends. You told them all, didn’t you? Yeah, I did too. Plus what can be better than to tell all your family and friends, “Hey, yeah I just joined a gym, look at me, ha… I am hot”. Sure, we all do that. Now stop it, I know you do.

Have you asked yourself: for starters, how do I, or how can I keep that promise to myself? A few planned steps can help you overcome the temptation of eating another morsel of that pound cake you have just made. Rough isn’t it, having to diet while that pound cake calls your name? That information can be found in your favorite dietary book. That and a well-planned exercise routine will help you keep those pounds off.

Having an exercise plan can help you, and exercising does not mean that you would have to join a gym. After all, you would not want that monthly bill looming over your head especially if you are not planning to stick it out. Yeah, yeah sure, some of us can last one or two months of rigorous workouts, I am sure we can.

Yet, I am still weighing 190 pounds and doubling my sack of potatoes everyday. The idea is to lose those pounds around the waist, thighs and arms before summer, right. All of us hope to keep it off for the rest of the year at least until the next Holiday Season, sure we do.

The universal question is: how do we keep it off? You would not think it is possible, but it is. As you are off to your local gym you will sweat, bleed and tear those pounds off, heck sometimes there is a lot of crying involved. Some of us gym rats like to starve ourselves, and that leads into tricking the body to store some fat, and muscle-loss. Then we stop going, sure why not, we can stop going after we feel and look great in a few short months, that’s what we like to think.

Now that you look great (if that is what you think), you decide to quit the health club. A few simple habits to keep the fat off and stay toned, after you have given-up on the gym thing. Your answer is “Social Exercising”, and yes-everyday activities can be a form of exercise. It is that simple.

What are they, and I am sure you are wondering. Since we do need to eat, let us begin with a trip to the supermarket. O nce you are there, what do you do, I wonder. You have the habit of finding the closest parking spot possible, and you drive around in circles wasting gasoline until you find one that is close enough to the entrance, correct? Now that is ridiculous.

Your car’s odometer is a great tool to take advantage of when you are out on your social exercise run. The following step is to stay in shape and it is a simple method to get you on your way to improve your health, whether you like it or not.

Once you have entered the parking lot of the supermarket set your odometer to zero. Wait until it reaches .01 miles that is 52.8 feet, you walk that twice and that’s 105.8 feet. If you only have two bags of groceries, then balance out the weight. Leave the carriage behind, and walk with one bag in each hand.

When you are ready, inhale then slowly lift one arm towards your chest or as high as your arm will allow you to lift the bag. Exhale slowly as you are letting your arm slowly go down. Then repeat the same exercise with the other arm. Continue this simple workout until you have reached your car. With each trip to the supermarket, you will change up your routine. Walk as if you are marching, by lifting your knee up high, and bring up the bag with your arm, then down with the other, but this time following a little gentle side-to-side bend.

When you get home, repeat the routine, it is okay if you are a short walk away from your driveway to your home. Plus you wouldn’t want to appear to be too strange to your neighbors, they’ll think you are nuts.

Before you start any form of exercise, I suggest that you speak to your family doctor and have a physical and be evaluated. I can’t claim that Social Exercising is for everyone. But what I do know is that any form of exercise leads to better health. So follow a healthy diet, one of your choosing and exercise. Live a little longer.

For more tips and tricks on weight loss with “Social Exercising” expect the first edition on April.

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