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Stay safe and warm frugally during frigid weather

During this most recent blast of dangerously cold winter weather, staying safe and warm is paramount. here are a few tips on keeping you and your family safe, frugally.

Wear a hat to help conserve body heat.
Wear a hat to help conserve body heat.
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Stay inside if possible during this dangerously frigid weather.
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Do not heat for the way you dress, dress for the season. Consider layering as that really helps. an extra pair of socks, a tee shirt under your sweater, every bit helps.

Wearing a hat will help prevent 90 per cent of your body heat from leaving your body. This is not the time to worry about hat hair, its time to stay warm.

Put thick towels along the bottoms of the doors to keep out drafts.

Use recycled bubble-wrap over the windows. It really helps to keep out the cold, yet lets in light during the day.

For an inexpensive way to keep warm, fill a sock up with cheap rice and heat in a microwave. When you go to bed, place the rice sock near your feet to warm your toes, or place near the small of your back. You can reuse them over and over and you don't have to worry about falling asleep with them on.

Watch out for family pets, friends and family, as well as neighbors who may be struggling in these winter conditions.

Drink lots of hot drinks, like soup, broth or tea. Drinks usually warm a person up more than food.

Take the opportunity to bake. Then after the baking is done, leave the stove door ajar to release some of that nice warm air.

Cook a whole chicken in the oven, with potatoes, & favorite vegetables, or put a beef roast in with potatoes and carrots and you cook your meals and stay warm too. Afterwards, be sure to make soup out of the leftovers.

Be safe, my friends, and let's try to remember, summer will be here before we know it.

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