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Stay on your feet this winter

Yaktrax in use.
Yaktrax in use.
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Are you worried about maintaining traction on the slippery sidewalks this winter? The unusual weather so far has created the perfect storm of icy sidewalks covered with a fine layer of snow. Sure, the winter wonderland is fun to play around on in skies and ice skates, but it can be a treacherous obstacle course when walking outside on streets and sidewalks.

The perfect solution lies in winterizing your shoes. There is a quick and affordable way to do this. Check out the Yaktrax. These slip on the outside of your shoes to provide traction on the slippery sidewalks.  It's like changing into studded winter tires for your shoes. 

Yaktrax are ideal for many different professions such as delivery person, mail person, and dog walkers.  If you are looking to fit a run in outside, Yaktrax provide suitable traction if the conditions aren't too icy.  They are great for walking to school or work, as they slip easily on and off most pairs of shoes.  You can affix them to one pair of winter boots and then bring an extra pair of shoes for work.

You can find a pair of these, different brands and styles provide the same end result, at Army/Navy in downtown Missoula.  They are found just on the sidewalk in front of the store during open hours.