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Stay on top of your fishing game with Reel Adrenaline

Most anglers like an early start when on a mission to catch their fish of a lifetime. More and more of them are discovering a replacement for that first cup of coffee in the morning and for getting a lift in the afternoon. It’s called Reel Adrenaline. This energy drink is made and marketed especially by fishermen, for fishermen.

"Redfish Chuck" enjoys the boost he gets from Reel Adrenaline.
Chuck Levi
Reel Adrenaline comes in a Saltwater and Freshwater Series.
Ron Presley

Reel Adrenaline is formulated to wake you up in the morning, and keep you alert late into the day. It could be considered another tool in the tackle box (ice box would be a better word) to keep you at the top of your game. There is not an angler out there that doesn’t want all the help he/she can get when on the water. Planning and preparation can help; choosing the right equipment can help; and, staying focused by drinking Reel Adrenaline can help.

No one knows better than a tournament angler how important it is to stay focused during a long day on the water. Whitey Outlaw is a pro crappie angler. He fishes the Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Tournament Trail where the difference in winning and losing is measured in hundredths of ounces. “Reel Adrenaline keeps you more alert and when fishing in big competitions you have to stay alert,” says Outlaw. “You can't stand to miss a fish from being sluggish.” Outlaw’s fishing strategy is paying off, as he and his partner Mike Parrott, are currently leading in the Angler of the Year standings with Crappie Masters.

Every day anglers can learn from pros like Outlaw to give themselves the same advantages the pros are seeking. If it is good enough for the experts it should be good enough for recreational anglers too.

Chuck Levi, affectionately known on Florida’s Space Coast as “Redfish Chuck”, is the Monday night host of Kayak Fishing Radio. On his show, “Monday Nite Kickoff,” he shares his passion for kayak fishing with all that will listen. He favors Reel Adrenaline Energy Drinks to supply an early morning wake up and daylong focus while on the water.

As kayak anglers know, it takes plenty of energy to propel a kayak in search of trophy fish. “Reel Adrenaline,” says Levi, “gives me the energy I need to cover 20+ miles in a day on the water in my kayak. Importantly, I don’t experience the crash or jitters of other energy drinks.”

Outlaw and Levi are passionate anglers and on the water more than most. They value the benefits derived from having Reel Adrenaline on board, whether it’s a bass boat or a kayak, or for that matter fishing from the bank.

There are four different products to choose from. Each series can be distinguished by the colorful packaging and the presence of either Saltwater or Freshwater fish on the labels.

The Big Game Saltwater or Freshwater Series is a crisp tasting, vibrant, citrus flavored energy drink, designed to produce a period of increased energy boost and alertness. It gives you the focus Outlaw was talking about.

Light Tackle Saltwater or Freshwater Series is formulated to give the same benefits, but contains no sugar and fewer calories. You gain increased alertness along with an energy boost without the calories, and without the crash or jitters that Levi described.

Hydration: Part of the vision of the producers of Reel Adrenaline is to be associated with a good time on and off the water. They recognize the importance of hydration in gaining those good times. Since our bodies depend on water to survive, anglers need to be sure they replenish it during the day. The Reel Adrenaline website states, “It is important to know that REEL ADRENALINE Energy Drinks do NOT hydrate you.”

The drinks are formulated to give you energy and keep you alert. You need to do your part to stay hydrated, so just remember to enhance your fun in the outdoors by drinking plenty of water.

If you want to stay at the top of your game, Reel Adrenaline Energy Drinks can help.

Reel Adrenaline is available in local tackle shops and marinas or you can buy it online at the Reel Adrenaline website.

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