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Having actually seen all five nominated shows, I can say with certainty that Girls is the least of them. I wouldn't even rank it top among HBO comedies. It's not hip, it's not funny, it's not entertaining. Please do not make the idiotic mistake of given it the prize just because it won last year. Show some stones and honor the funniest series, which by the way, is the one that most people have seen--- The Big Bang Theory.
Should Win: Big Bang Theory.
Will Win: Girls
(because the voters are morons)

I realize that voters are a sentimental lot. I realize Michael J. Fox is a national treasure. But his latest sitcom isn't funny, isn't a hit (even by the limits of NBC standards), and isn't really award worthy. And he's got three Globes. Why give him a fourth just for being there? Admittedly, this is a harder choice, because everyone except Andy Samberg has won at least one Globe, and voters may not want to honor him. So try to show some imagination, and honor the real talent--- Jim Parsons.
Should Win: Parsons.
Will Win: Fox (see above.)

I know it would be funnier to see Amy Poehler lose (frankly, it was hysterical last year) but I'd really like to see her prevail because, well, her shows the funniest thing on the air. But much as I'd like that, I think it's going to go to an earlier SNL comedienne, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Not only should she be the favorite, because she's won the Emmy for Best Actress two years in a row for Veep,, but she's also competing in Best Actress in a Comedy for the superb film Enough Said, and the Globes usually don't send a double nominee home empty-handed.
Should Win: Poehler.
Will Win: Louis Dreyfus.

Really going to be tough picking from this lot of brilliant performers, including Corey Stoll, whose work as a murdered Congressman was among the most compelling on House of Cards. But because The Good Wife has been so formidable in past season, and because Josh Charles has been such a big part of it this year, he gets my vote. Besides, he's been a solid performer since Sports Night; he deserves recognition.
Should Win: Charles.
Will Win: Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad.

I'm not even going to pretend to be objective here, folks. Monica Potter's work on Parenthood this past this year has been one of the most heart-rending and brilliantly put together performances on one of TV's greatest shows. The fact that the Emmys didn't even nominate her demonstrates how blind they seem to be. If Anna Gunn or Allison Janney had been nominated, I might be persuaded to think differently. But they're not, and this is a category where the voters have been more inclined to think differently then anyone else. The chances may be remote for her (how many voters had even heard of it before this year?) but I'm going to go out on a limb. I'll be watching with bated breath.
Should Win/Will Win: Potter.

Stay tuned, true believers.

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