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Stay Gold, Hollywood Foreign Press, Part 1

Should Break Good for once
Should Break Good for once

Well, we have reached the beginnings of awards season. While tending to recognize the shiny and new rather than the reliable standards, in recent years the Hollywood Foreign Press has been more accurate and more intriguing with it's TV picks than the Emmys have been, sometimes righting slights that they have made. Which means we have more reasons to look forward to it as well as the fact that the delightful Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be repeating their duties as hostesses (for two more years! Yes!). While it's basically a crapshoot guessing who's going to win, here are my predictions, if I were the HFPA.

This should be the easiest one of the night, considering how brilliant Breaking Bad's final season was, and how idolized it was near the end. Why am I so uncertain? Because of reason 917 we can never take the Globes seriously--- this is only the second time it's been nominated for Best Drama. This could lead to an (admittedly slim) chance that The Good Wife or Masters of Sex could prevail. Still, considering how huge the audience was at the end, bet on the show that knocks.
Should Win/Will Win: Breaking Bad.

About the only prize Bryan Cranston hasn't won for his awesome work as Walter White has been a Golden Globe. I would say that reparations are in order. Still, this is an extremely strong category with no real weak links, so with the possible exception of Liev Schrieber for Ray Donovan, I'd be satisfied with anyone. My personal favorite is Kevin Spacey, whose work in House of Cards was by far the most fun this in TV this year, but if Cranston prevails, I won't be unhappy.
Should Win: Spacey (or, really, anyone)
Will Win: Cranston.

Even with Claire Danes (deservedly) out of the running, and Lizzie Caplan being (undeservedly) ignored for Masters of Sex, this is a pretty strong category too. My personal preference lean towards Robin Wright for her superb portrayal of a politician's wife on House of Cards so ruthless Hilary would blink before crossing her. But I think it's going to go to Kerry Washington. A lot of people (not me) think her work in Scandal is marvelous. Add to the fact that it's been a very long time since a black actress prevail in television, and I think she'll come out on top.
Should Win: Wright.
Will Win: Washington.

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