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Stay In For Valentine's Day!

Candy Hearts
Candy Hearts

Uh-oh! Only two days to go until the big day, have you made your reservations? If not, don't fret, there is still time to make this years Valentine's day a memorable one for that special person in your life. As a matter of fact, you can make it even more intimate by just staying at home and cooking a romantic meal yourself. Such a meal would not only be cheaper, but it also shows your significant other that you care enough to spend a little extra time adding a personal touch. If you're like me, and you have a hard time cooking without instructions, then there are several really cool and informative websites you can visit for recipes and help. is one of my favorites. They have tons of delicious recipes contributed from all different types of people, from chefs to amateurs, and they currently have some really amazing Valentine's Day-oriented recipes up here:

Ok, so now you have the food, but what about the entertainment? Why not light some candles, and then continue the evening in with a romantic movie or two? If you're a guy like me, then you know what it's like to be hounded year-round to watch those romantic comedies, and normally we end up watching them (and yes, sometimes even liking them)...Albeit begrudgingly. Well, for Valentine's day, I challenge the guys out there to actually try to get excited about watching "Casablanca", "Shakespeare In Love", "When Harry Met Sally" (My girlfriends favorite), or "Love Actually". No matter what gifts you get each other, and no matter what you end up doing, remember that what is most important is that you're spending time with one another. Don't take it for granted, and keep in mind how lucky you are to have each other. Here's to hoping that everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!