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"Stay Flexible In Your Approach"

"Stay Flexible In Your Approach"

By Joe Breen CFT

In your fitness journey, you will encounter days when you see great results. You will also encounter days when it seems like you hit a brick wall. If you find that your workouts are not taking you in the direction you want to go, you have to change things up. Maybe it is a certain exercise you don't see working for you. Maybe you have an area of your body you want to focus on as opposed to another. Whatever it is, you can work around these issues with a few changes.

For instance, maybe you may want to highlight a lagging body part first in your workout. You may also want to change the forms of cardio you do. Maybe you may want to do the stepmill as opposed to the treadmill, or you may want to use the bike. You may want to add a day to focus on some of your challenging areas. You can also change your workout time to see if that makes a difference.

One of the nice things about training for general fitness, is you have more flexibility then you do when you train for specific sports. What I mean is if you are a football player let's say, you have to use exercises to target the muscles used. In that case you have to train the body strictly to become a better football player, anything that does not assist that goal is not useful. That is not to say in sports, you do not adapt training if you are not getting a optimal result. You just have a tighter blueprint. With our "Automatic Fitness" system, you have the ability to custom design the program to suit your own purposes. Speaking of "Automatic Fitness" go to our website where you will find lots of exciting updates. Until next time keep reaching for your goals.