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Stay in fashion with outlets

Everyone is familiar with the usual ways we find out about the greatest deals in town; television commercials, newspaper ads and of course, the e-mail updates from our favorite stores (of course, the ones that aren't full of spam). However, there is one often over-looked or lesser known option- the outlet store.

The wonder of the outlet store is these items are brand spanking new,  of the current season, and sometimes even a better steal than a thrift store or garage sale! So the question now is where is this wonderful shopping mecca? Well, since you asked...

One of the biggest and best in the area is very centrally located and easily accessible. Just off the 75th Street exit from I-35 is the JC Penny Outlet. Here, you can find anything from accessories to home goods, kitchenwares to the most important, fashion.

How are they able to offer such great prices? At this specific location there are either extras or returns from catalog purchases. Since clothing catalogs usually come out a full season before we reach it on the calendar, you are guaranteed to have fresh and up-to-date looks.

Some of the current steals available include fantastic wedge sandals ranging from between $0.99-$5.00 (check around, for a cute pair you can look to spend $30+ on this seasonal item), brightly colored and patterned everything for $20.00 and under.

And for those of you still in high school or in need of a formal dress, pick up a gorgeous prom dress for a greatly reduced price. Especially for items that are one time or limited use, you cannot beat the amount you spend (and save!) by visiting this great hidden shopping spot.

Quite possibly the only negative about shopping at an outlet is once an item is out of stock it's probably completely gone. Usually you are looking at the available inventory hanging on the rack or sitting on the shelves, but of course it never hurts to ask if there is something else hiding in the back.

Do you have a favorite frugally friendly place to shop? Have a place you've thought of visiting but weren't sure if it was worth the trip? Shoot an e-mail to and share and let us check it out!

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