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Get advice from local experts at
Get advice from local experts at

There is no better source when traveling to any city across the globe than to talk with an expert on that locale or region.

So, with that in mind,, a social media travel service in app form and at has launched their new iOS and Android apps packed with information from "Local Experts" in 150 destinations around the world. This app just came available on May 23. has done a great job curating information and tips from locals like chefs, baristas, artists, homeowners, and designers. There are people that know their cities inside and out, and possess travel information that wouldn't be found in a written guide.

There are currently about 1000 different travel guides offered on You can find information about food, coffee, nightlife, tourist attractions and more.

One great example would be a guide from Barista champion Tim Wendelboe of Oslo. He rates the best coffee shops in Oslo and it's one of the most popular guides on

Joachim Paasche, Founder and CEO of couldn't be more excited about the new app release.

"Our current app with offline maps, personalized travel guides and collaboration features has been well received and really changed the travel experience for our users. We've listened to our users, and updated and enhanced the app with features they need to make their travel experience even grander."

It really does.

Now you can cut through the clutter by making and saving your own travel guides. You can also connect with others and get their opinions as well as set filters you get the data and information that is most important to you and your travel party.

Get in the App Store at: :

Get in the Google Play Store at:

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