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Stay-at-home parents need a break from snow days

Empty swingset covered in snow
Empty swingset covered in snow
K. Derrick

For many parents, snow days are akin to a trip to the dentist - necessary but fortunately infrequent. Not this year! Holy cow, depending on the area of Middle TN, public schools are working on 10 or more snow days this winter according to WSMV News Channel 4! While those moms and dads who have all their children in full-time school are, without a doubt, cursing the weather report, those stay-at-home parents with kids in school only part-time are ready to throw a shoe through the TV! (Please do not do this - it won't change the weather!) The two or three days that these parents "get off" from having the kids around full-time recently have been wisked away with any thoughts of Spring. Not to mention that many of these parents pay for Mother's Day Out or Tuesday/Thursday school and are not getting reimbursed or credited in any way for these snow days.

This is not to say that stay-at-home parents do not love their children or their choice to be stay-at-home parents. Or that parents whose kids are in school full-time have it "easy". They have had to deal with lining up alternative care while they are at work or figuring out how to pick up their kids early with little or no notice. However, parents who stay at home and send their children to "school" a couple days a week look at those days as time to get things done more easily, and as a little bit of a mental break from constantly corralling toddlers. Fortunately it looks like the weather is going to finally break this weekend - just in time for Spring Break!


  • Beverley Smith 4 years ago

    Many parents who are away from home earning ask at-home moms to tend their kids on snow days, school holidays and any other emergency and it is part of a kind society to do this pinch-hitting. However the press is usually all about how hard it is on moms in the paid labor force if they have to take the day from work to be home, or how stressful it is to set up alternate plans. It is heartening to see anyone notice that it is also stressful for moms at home to have a new crop of kids arrive at the door and particularly as often happens, to be asked to tend them free, as a favor. Mothers at home are already the backbone of many communities doing volunteer work, coaching, visiting the sick and elderly, at block parent safe house kids can turn to if their own parents aren't home. It is time we look on this minor issue of snow days in the larger economic context of what society tends to take for granted about some women's work. It is time to recognize that the role of the mother at home is as valuable, skilled and economically vital as is the work of any preschool worker, any childcare employee and sometimes of any nurse's aide. It is time we stop saying that mothers at home are 'staying' at home since their role is far from passive or lazy. It is time to stop saying they don't work. They do. Society always just takes them for granted, just even more so on snow days.