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Stay-at-home moms need to find time for themselves

Being a stay-at-home mom is no doubt a full-time job. Any full-time job you have is going to leave you feeling stressed.  The one thing about this job however is that you work non-stop and hardly get any time to yourself. If you don't allow yourself the chance to spend a few hours a week on yourself, you are setting yourself up to lose. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, feeling as if there is no way to allow any extra time for yourself. Keep in mind that with careful planning and teamwork you can easily come by a few minutes each day that greatly improve your mood and enhance your energy.

Snag a few moments between running all your errands. Driving can be an excellent time for yourself, even with the kids in the car. If you have a baby you might not have to worry too much about them staying entertained. Otherwise, set your kids up with a toy or activity to play with while you drive to keep them from talking to you the whole time. Now you are free to think about whatever you need to. Take this opportunity to reconnect with what you believe in and what you want to achieve in life. Maybe you want to read more to improve your mind. Perhaps you need more exercise to strengthen your body. Or maybe you need to practice your spirituality more often to cleanse your soul. Think about what you want to be doing which you currently are not and start to make a goal to incorporate activities into your life that will get you closer to your mission.

Say you would like to exercise more and improve your overall physical health, here is an excellent way to do it. Your kids play all day long and hardly stop long enough to eat or drink. Granted, you may no longer have as much energy as they have running through their little bodies but you can still harness your inner child to benefit you. The best part of being a stay at home mom is that you don't really have a boss to report to and deadlines are based on your terms for the most part. Take advantage of this and step away from the computer, leave the dishes in the sink a bit longer, or get off the phone for a while and play with your kids. Jump and dance around with them for 20 minutes. If they are small enough place them in a basket and swing them. Throw them up in the air, or let them dangle on your feet with your legs in the air. There are many ways you can play actively with your child and chances are just about anything you do with them is going to burn up the calories. All the while you spend very important quality time with your children.

A wonderful activity to do after a day of exercising to help rejuvenate your body and also stimulate your mind is a bath with a book. After you get your kids to bed, even if you are tired indulge in a hot bath and a good book. It doesn't have to be long, but taking a hot bath can really restore your energy and leave you feeling so refreshed. There are a lot of great elements you can add to your bath to further improve your mood and health. Try some orange and lemon slices to freshen, or some pure essential oils which harness specific properties that work for you at the time. Grab the book on your shelf that you have been meaning to read for months and dip yourself into the soothing tub. Enjoy yourself for 20 minutes and get started on that great story which you might be able to finish in a year or two.

Sometimes we also lose sight of our spirituality. It is easy to do with the hectic schedules of a stay at home mom taking care of the whole family and the home. The best news is that it is so easy to get back in touch with it. Right before bed you can take a few minutes to meditate or pray. You might fall asleep every time from exhaustion, but there doesn't have to be any type of routine. As long as you are setting the purpose out there that you are trying to balance your life and be more mindful, that is what counts. Before you eat a meal say a quick blessing in your head to be thankful for all you have in your life. At any time of the day just stop within all the madness of the day and gaze upon your children's adorable faces and realize that they are so perfectly a miracle of life, which you created out of love. See in them how much of a blessing they are to you and realize that even if you aren't acting in the traditional example way of what is spiritual, that you are in fact giving all your time and energy to the one true entity that makes you a loving spiritual being. As a full-time mom you put all your energy into something so pure and in turn your children give you a sense of wholeness and at the end of the day their sweet peaceful faces sleeping so soundly give you all the reassurance in the world that your crazy daily routine is not all completely useless.

It can be easy to allow a few minutes to yourself. You can take the time to balance number one each day and find yourself before you begin to fall apart. Remember that you need to take care of yourself before you can expect to take care of anyone else. All things in life need balance and you have to find that happy balance between you and the family, but keep hope and you will find many creative ways to help you calm down and recoup. Always remember the blessings your kids are.