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Status of the Senate health care reform bill

Making the health care reform bill into law
Making the health care reform bill into law
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This past week was full of debating in the Senate but at the end of the day, thanks to a former presidential candidate, some cuts to Medicare were spared.  Democrats pushing the bill as it was agreed to not reduce any benefits for our seniors, which seems to be a growing segment of the population.  Where Medicare cuts could be made, however, is in the incentive spending given to private insurance companies for Medicare Advantage plans.

While the President may have wanted legislation passed by now, there is much debating still to be done by the Senate and then by Congress as a whole.  It seems highly unlikely that December will see any final voting on a merged bill much less just the Senate version.  Follow the progress of the Senate bill H.R. 3590.  You can view the entire text of the bill and even place your vote for or against it on the OpenCongress website.

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