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Statistics prove that women prefer men with bigger penises

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The PNAS study released recently has clearly explained the fact that women are attracted to penises and the bigger is always better. The study released in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) offers an explanation: Women like men with bigger penises. The bigger it is, the better it is.

According to lead author, Brian Mautz, a post-doctoral researcher in University of Ottawa said in an interview with that the size of the penis does affect attractiveness. In fact, past researches have clearly indicated that women are naturally drawn to larger male members. However, the results of the past studies have seemed to have always become the victim of controversies or have been disputed to be scientifically flawed.

So Dr. Brian Mautz and his team, all currently working at the ANU (Australian National University), designed an experiment with a motive to settle the controversy. The team created 49 unique and computer-generated nude, life-sized male bodies. Each body varied on the basis of three basic traits: height, shoulder-hip ratio and penis size.

The figures generated were then presented in front of 105 average Australian women. With an average age of 26, these women were asked to rate the attractiveness of each male figure based on their varied traits. The women were left alone in the room so their decisions are not influenced by any interferences. They were asked to judge the attractiveness of each male figure as sexual partners. The ratings were made on a scale of 1-7.

The past studies on this subject have shown that women prefer taller men with broad shoulders and narrow bottom. But in this recent study it was noticed that the size of the penis is as important as the stature. Once the penis size is increased, the amount of attractiveness score became better. After three inches the score started increasing in small increments. Apart from the rating, the women spent more time looking at the generously huge figures, as opposed to the smaller ones.

The PNAS study has also shown that women with great BMI were more inclined to big penises. Since taller men seems to have a disproportionately larger penis, women were more focused on their stature and spend more time analyzing them.

Some have even argued that the size of the penis is driven by body-obsessed culture and porn-saturation. But Stuart Body, who conducted various studies on relationship satisfaction, orgasms and penis size, believes that some erotica can overshadow the significance of penis size in the whole sexual act. Stuart Body is a researcher at the University of the West of Scotland.

Several studies similar to this have made Dr. Mautz interested in conducting a research on what factors drive mate-choice. Why we choose particular people for sexual encounters over others. In the study it was found that women choose mate-partners based on the evolutionary-constructed fitness preferences, which also give them a good clue about penis size. The same results were seen in the PNAS study, which supports the consistency with mate-choice perspective.”

But what exactly women are looking for when it comes to penis size? Women may be looking for orgasm, which serve as a pair-bonding function. It has been argued that male penises have evolved into a tool that is primarily meant to stimulate the vagin and cervix, while releasing the oxytocin hormone in a woman’s brain. This activated bonding circuits, and such bonds provide the survival advantage to offspring. As per the results put on paper, it has been clearly mentioned that female mate choices in the earlier times could have driven the evolution of large sized penises in humans.

But of course, this is the 21st century and most men wear pants. So it may not be possible for any woman to judge the penis size without actually trying it practically. Besides that, the mate choices nowadays are also very much dependent on other factors like intelligence, hair, money or whether a guy drives a Jaguar or BMW. Source: PNAS

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