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Statistics Reveal: Strange places men will likely cheat

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Many people, especially women, have this notion that men were born cheats. Maybe it’s true or maybe it’s not. There is an interesting review on places men cheat. A survey conducted by with the aim of finding out the likely places men cheat came up with astounding results. Some are hard to believe but here is an analysis of these places and possible reasons why they make men fall in the trap of cheating. Note that these places are strange yet so familiar that you may be tempted to deny.


Yes! You read it right. Many women don’t believe that their grooms can dare think of, let alone do such a nasty thing on their wedding day. Sad truth is that not only can they contemplate of, they also do. Why? Men fall into temptations easily. They are weak naturally and have a tendency to fall for anything so long as it’s in a skirt and it’s pretty. Chances are that your groom by design or chance may bump into one his ex- girlfriends or one of your maids who unluckily they feel attracted. As a way to say goodbye, he may be tempted to say goodbye in style and seal the deal with sex. Just to bring to your attention, statistics show weddings as the number one likely places men cheat. In addition, not just on your wedding, also other weddings he attends to. Weddings stood at position 1 scoring 32%.

Bachelor parties

On this one, many women are right to think that their fiance will cheat on them. Honestly speaking, not all but many do. Bachelor parties are thrown by the man’s friends as a way to bid him goodbye as he winds up on bachelorhood. In between the party, when alcohol gets the best of them, they start coming up with these weird suggestions. For instance, a friend may suggest that he (your fiance) for one last time have sex with someone else simply because he will have you for the rest of his life without having the opportunity to try something outside the marriage. Without noticing that it’s something out of place, viola! It will be too late to regret. Bachelor parties stand at position 2 with 27% as likely places men cheat.

Office Christmas parties

If your husband works in this corporate where they throw parties, then you have a reason to worry. Note that not all will fall prey to this but majority do. There is always this woman your husband has a thing for, maybe it’s something mutual. But study showed that, office Christmas party and any other work related party acts as a perfect place for your partner to cheat on you. It doesn’t matter whether you accompanied him or not. If he is the cheating type, he will always find a way to escape your sight and do his thing. Office party stood at position 3 scoring 21 percent.

School reunions

Lastly on the list was the school reunion. In this kind of arrangements, chances are, that he will bump into this woman he had a crush for then. It’s a fact we all know that when people are still in school, especially high school and colleges they always seem to don’t carers and do things without giving it a second thought. Your man may have had this countless flings with his former schoolmates and meeting them may remind them of something and make them do it again. Being used to it before, even though both may be married, still they will find themselves cheating on their spouses. Simply because this maybe a brief thing, you may never come to know about it. School reunion stood at position 4 bearing in mind that they don’t occur frequently

So how do you avoid this from happening?

Note that these are not the only places men cheat. There are a myriad of places convenient for men to carry out their evil endeavors. One surest way to minimise these incidents from happening is ensuring that you accompany him and at no circumstances let his image leave your sight. It maybe a hard task to undertake, but one worth suffering for.

Secondly, minimise the chances of him cheating on you by fixing the possible reasons he may use to cheat on you regardless of the place. Being a good companion, and occasionally reminding him of your wedding vows to work things out and always remain by each other’s side come sunshine come rainfall.