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Stationary Bike Tips and Exercises

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You have decided to lose weight, you thought that you have no time and mood to go to the gym and you bought a stationary bike. You set it up nicely in a corner of the room, you pedaled 10 minutes each evening for 3 days, and then it began to turn slowly in support of clothes.

If you do not like to do sports with other people or if you can’t add in your program fitness hours, stationary bike is the best solution. Do not forget that experts recommend 30 minutes of cycling per day to burn fat, shape the calves and even to loss of a few pounds. Remember though that you should respect other additional rules: keep a diet if you want to lose weight, gradually increase the difficulty and time cycled.

A cycling session is recommended lasting between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on your physical condition. If you have not done much exercise as you can split the 40 minutes in two sessions of 20 minutes / day (possibly in the morning and evening). Also, it should be repeated 3-5 times a week if you want to see results quickly. Then, you can increase by 10% / week the exercise intensity or time spent.

Many argue that stationary bike exercises should be combined with others to work more the upper body. In addition to vertical bike that we all are used to, there are so-called "lying" bikes. This involves several muscle training, provides more balance, and is recommended to those who accuse back problems. However, the difficulty is low and the results and benefits reduced.

In order to obtain results in a short time and after you get used to the effort, try interval training, one of the most effective types of exercise: high intensity pedaling for several minutes, then a few minutes at low intensity, and so on.

30 minutes of pedaling will burn approximately 300 calories, depending on age, physical condition, and weight.
If you need to “escape” from your home, buy a usual bike and take a ride. Or, you can opt for a bike rack for SUV or car and take a long trip with your family.