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Station theater delivers laughs all weekend long

Station Theater - Photo by Steve Patlan
Station Theater - Photo by Steve Patlan

With improv, the audience can never know what to expect. The same can be said each night you enter Station Theater. Having attended earlier this week, I thought I had an idea of what to expect at the Saturday performance, but to my surprise it was nothing like I could have imagined. From one night to another, this theater completely changes gears, but regardless, each time you can be sure to expect to get quality laughs.

The opening for the night was Ned Gayle with the "CAN Film Festival". This is a section where anyone could get involved. Of course, with entries being accepted during the month of April, the theme was PRANKS and although there was only one entry, it was quite hilarious. After the one submission played, Gayle used the time to premiere his senior film project, which was a mix of comedy and drama. From the looks of the film, Gayle has a successful and bright future in both film and comedy.

The next performers were ++good with Shyla Ray, theater director, and Matt Graham a fellow improver, who performed a hilarious scene about an art promoter with a less than talented artist. Both performers quickly and skillfully moved from one bit and scene to the next. Opening in an art gallery, transitioning into a candy store and finally to a hospital room, all simply through action and movement of two chairs on stage. Ray is a brilliant performer with perfect comedic timing and uses clever wit to make the performances top quality. Audiences should welcome any chance they get to see this wonderful actress on stage. Graham offered a perfect complement to Ray's performance with the same ease and confidence.

The finale performance of the night came from This Infinite Closet. The biggest difference with this performance from any other that I have ever seen is the entire piece is performed in the dark. On top of it being performed in the dark, they ask audiences to close their eyes while the performance goes on, as some actors on stage do as well. This is like nothing you have ever experienced and it is definitely an experience. The troupe on stage started by making sounds, which lead into an evolving and changing scene which both offered laughs and fun.

Station Theater has a little something for everyone. With performances all weekend in long and designed to fit your budget, audiences can see one, two or all three shows and see something different each night. Each week at 7:30 pm on Fridays, the theater offers a “FREE Intro to Improv Class” as well. Stay connected by liking them on Facebook and don't miss a chance to get your weekly laughs.