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Station Square: Pittsburgh, PA

This  is  one  of  the  old  passenger  platforms.
This is one of the old passenger platforms.
John Cowgill

When you think of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you see a city on three major rivers. It is one of the most livable cities in the United States by Forbes Magazine. You see sports fans who love their local teams. One team in particular is the Steelers, the winner of six Super Bowls, more than any other team and fifth most professional football championships. They get their name from the city being at one time and manufacturer of steel with numerous steel plants along it miles of waterfront. It is steel that is used to make the rails that the trains roll on. Along with the rails, the trains also carried the steel out of Pittsburgh to various locations across the country.
Just across the Monongahela River from downtown is Station Square, a premier dining, shopping and entertainment destination for the locals as well as those who are from out of town. You walk around, and you see how it resembles an old railroad station. The name ‘Station Square’ comes from the fact that it actually was a railroad station and freight house. The Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad ran freight and passenger service to and from this station. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, that station was no longer being used, and it was abandoned, but the station was a big part of the city’s history. Instead of demolishing the station, the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation preserved it and made it into what it is today. As you walk around, you can see the old warehouses where freight was stored and station platform where passengers waited for the train. A caboose and a few passenger cars are on display where you can feel the scene of being in a passenger station.
So you are with are significant other who is not a fan of trains. No problem. Along with nice shops and restaurants, you get a great view of Downtown Pittsburgh from across the river. There are also displays of history of the city as a steel factory town, and you cannot enjoy your time here without a horse and carriage ride. The great news for rail fans is although the trains no longer serve this historic station, a rail line still passes by the station, and, if you are fortunate enough, you can sit on a bench and watch the trains roll by as you look out over downtown.
Station Square is located across the Monongahela River from Downtown Pittsburgh and is at the bottom of Washington Heights which overlooks downtown. The address is 125 West Station Square Drive, and parking is available. Go to for directions, parking rates and for information on events at the square. There are many great reasons to visit the city of Pittsburgh. Station Square is one of those reasons for its history, its views and its dining and shopping atmosphere.

This  is  the  inside  of  Station  Square  in  Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania
John Cowgill
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