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Statics Show Homeschoolers Outshine Public-Schooled Peers

Homeschoolers Dominate in the Educational Comparisons
Homeschoolers Dominate in the Educational Comparisons

The education world is beginning to notice that homeschoolers are dominating in the area of achedemic success. gathered information from a variety of sources and reported the following facts about homeschooled students:

  • Among homeschooling parents, 73% claimed dissatisfaction with the public schools and their failing results as the reason they chose to homeschool.
  • 17.3% of the fathers are accountants or engineers
  • 16.9% of the fathers are doctors or lawyers
  • 10.7% of the fathers are small-business owners
  • In the national average percentile scores, homeschool students out-perform public school students averaging 34-39 percentile points higher.
  • The national test scores of homeschooled students were largely unaffected by household incomes. Students from families with household incomes of $35K or less averaged only four percentile points lower than those from families with household incomes of $70k or more.
  • 66.7% of homeschooled students in college graduate compared to 57.5% of their peers who finish.
  • This study goes on to report numbers showing that homeschooled students outscored public school kids on the following levels: communication, maturity, daily living, and socialization skills.

Homeschooling has earned the right to be considered as a feasible, practical, and valuable educational choice.

The above information was gathered from the following sources:

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