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Static Fiction gears up for the next round

Static Fiction band photo
Static Fiction band photo
Static Fiction

Static Fiction is a Pop Punk Rock band based out of Huntington Beach California, formed in late 2011 by founding member Paul Lapinsky (vocals and guitar), joined by his long time friend Ryan Brown (Bassist) . After several members and a long search, Static Fiction is proud announce that they have finally found the long awaited members , Noah Dunbar on guitar and Derek Goodwin on drums, which now complete the final lineup of the band.

Noah Dunbar is a recent transplant to the Southern California music scene. He grew up playing guitar in punk/metal projects. As a recording engineer, Noah has worked with bands like Bush, Panic! At The Disco, The Dirty Heads, Papa Roach, and more. When not playing with Static Fiction, he can be found working on original compositions for film, side projects, and eating burritos.

Derek Goodwin is a Southern California kid who grew up playing drums in rock/punk rock bands. Derek has studied with Bobby Figueroa, drummer of the Beach Boys, and Pat Magrath, drummer on the first Saosin EP. While living in Chicago during 2010 Derek played drums for local rock band Minus the Girl. Locally he was the drummer for the band Je T'aime which was a favorite in Long Beach scene a few years ago.

Back in May of 2013, Static Fiction released their self titled EP "Static Fiction" with the award winning Producer, Ryan Greene. The EP starts with the title track "Static Fiction" which is definitely the pop side of Punk. The drum work is solid, the guitar and bass fit the song but at times the gang vocals sound very Blink 182. While the songs fits the genre these lads are going for the track is not one of the stronger ones on the disc. “Ashes” is more of an upbeat song that the teen pop punks will adore and one of the better songs on the album. The song is infectious and makes want to get up and move. “Stop and Look” is the bands most melodic song on the EP. The bass playing is more Pennywise and so is the tempo. This is the one song that more “old school” fans would gravitate too and probably the best song on the EP. “Guano Love” could either be a comedic song because of the vocals or the bands take of a love song. Either way the song is catchy and fun with great tongue-in-cheek lyrics: “I know you’re walking out the door / we’ve done this dance before / I’m bat-shit crazy, it’s true / I’m bat-shit crazy for you.” The closing track is “Good Times” another chance for the lads to let out some aggression and at times they do. The song is a good merge of the fast aggressive sound that makes Punk so contagious and the poppy vocals and lyrics that are set to define Static Fiction.

They are currently in the studio getting ready for the next album which will also be produced by Ryan Greene, and should be released sometime before the end of 2014.