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Statewide voluntary water conservation standards in place following major flooding

Mineral Water
Mineral Water
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Tennessee Governor Bredesen has asked state residents to observe voluntary water conservation steps until the initial flood surge has dissipated and water treatment facilities are back to full production. This may take several days to resolve water processing problems.

The weekend flooding has stretched resources through out the state as flood waters spread across many portions of the region. The flooding has potentially contaminated water supplies in many counties and restricted water resources in Nashville. Flood waters can cause bacteria and dangerous chemicals to mix with safe water, so additional precautions are advised. If in doubt, boil water before drinking it.

As of 7:40 am CDT on Tuesday, the Tennessean is reporting that the Nashville Omohundro Water Treatment Plant is still intact and the local water supply, while limited, is still safe for consumption.

The Davidson County water advisory requests that water consumption be cut in half and that water should only be used in food preparation and drinking. Other uses for water in the county are requested to be reduced to bear minimum to conserve the limited water supply and to reduce sewage production.

Sewage may be discharged directly into the Cumberland River until the waste treatment facilities can be restarted. Consequently, residents are advised to limit exposure to flood waters and to the river. Fishing in area streams and rivers is not advised until sewage treament is fully restored within the region and bacteria levels are lowered in streams and rivers statewide.

Most local retail stores are attempting to obtain additional drinking water supplies to meet the surge in customer demand. While the Davidson County water supply is considered safe, there has been a huge run on water sold in stores and has placed bottled water in high demand.

Harris Teeter Stores to distribute free drinking water today!

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