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States running out of water: U.S. dealing with worst drought in years

There are states running out of water as the country faces its worst drought in years. There are currently seven states facing the possibility of running out of water if the conditions with the drought do not change soon. This might sound like a scare tactic to get people to conserve more water, but a new report is laying down the facts about the states having the most problems during this current drought. USA Today reported on a new report by the U.S. Drought Monitor recently.

How much of the nation is currently impacted by this drought? It is reported that 30% of the country is dealing with moderate drought conditions. However, some of the nation is facing a severe drought. The states most severely impacted by drought conditions are in the west and southwest portions of the country. Out of the seven states, four are located in the western United States.

What seven states are facing water shortages? Those states are Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada, and California. According to the recent findings, California has 100% of the state with severe drought conditions.

The fear of water shortage in California is due to reservoir levels. Brad Ripley, US Department of Agriculture meteorologist, said the following about the situation in California, according to Live Trading News: "Reservoirs which are generally fed by the Sierra Nevada’s and the southern Cascades [are] where we see the real problems. At [the current] usage rate, California has less than two years of water remaining."

Jerry Brown, the governor of California, has already declared a state of emergency in the state due to the drought situation. The state is now looking at alternatives to raise their reservoir levels. One of the possible solutions is desalination plants. One plant is currently being built in southern California, and a second is being considered for a location in Orange County.

California may have the most dire situation when it comes to the drought facing the nation currently, but the other six states on the list have problems that are just as bad. Three of the states on the list are facing crop and pasture losses because of the drought conditions in their state. Those states are: Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Ripley said that "so much of the winter wheat is grown across the southern 50% of the Great Plains." That makes the drought issue a real problem for those states. The drought is also impacting the natural gas fracking going on in north Texas.

The drought conditions in this country and around the world is still very much a threat, and the story continues to develop daily as the weather changes. With California set to run out of water in two years, conditions need to change. Global warming and the global climate crisis may be joked about in the media these days, but it is clear that the weather is still impacting life here on this planet.

What do you think? Are you conserving more water where you are? Do you live in one of the states most impacted by the current drought? Share your thoughts below.

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